We appreciate your interest in our breed. Please complete the following so that we may
know you better



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Work phone

Email address

How did you hear about us ?

Why do you want to own a Dalmatian ?

Do you consider yourself / family to be active in such a way that it would include your dog ?

What pets do you currently have (breed, age ,sex ) ?

How do your pets get along with other dogs ?

Is / are your dog (s) spayed / neutered ?

Have you ever obedience trained a dog ?

are you willing to train this one ?

What type of dog food  do you feed ?

How often ?

Own cats ?

Do they live indoors ?

Name, address and phone number of your veterinarian

Size of yard

Fence height

Fence type

Are your yards completely enclosed  ?

What kind of shade is in the enclosure ?

What kind of accommodations do you have for the dog in the cold ?

Anyone home during the day ?

Hours dog would be left alone

Where would the dog stay during the day when alone ?

Will the dog be allowed to live inside ?

Where will the dog sleep ?

Do you have a dog door into the house or garage ?

Do you own / have a dog crate ?

What do you do with your pets when you go on vacation ?

Ages of children in contact with dog

Any asthma or allergies in household to dogs or cats ?

How severe ?

Describe neighbors that dog will be involved with… ( do they like dogs ? have children ?
have dogs, cats ?

Any problems currently with neighbors ?

Do you own your home ?

If not, do you have permission from landlord to own dogs there ?

Do you have a pool ?

is it fenced ?

Please specify what age / sex / color of Dalmatian you are looking for ( if you have a preference )

Do all parties ( if there is more then one adult in household ) want a Dalmatian ?

Have you ever owned a Dalmatian ?

Any questions about the breed that we may answer for you ?

Adopted dogs need an adjustment time, are you willing to give the new dog at least a month trial to
ensure proper adjustment ?

What in your opinion would constitute a reason for not keeping the dog and what would you do
with it if you couldn‘t keep it ?

Would you consider a second Dalmatian in the future ?

We are always in need of temporary homes for our rescue dogs, would you be willing to
foster a needy Dalmatian if it is compatible with your lifestyle and pets ?

until placed ?

By signing this questionnaire you acknowledge that completion of this form does not guarantee
that we will place a dog with you. You must first pass our interview, our home inspection and
complete one of our Adoption Contracts including at least 2 post adoption home visits for the
purpose of checking on the dogs well being. We reserve the right to terminate the adoption
process at any time.

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