my name is Nikki and this is my story
I'm a very tiny little ( 27 pounds ) 3 yr old girl who until recently was living in Tijuana Mexico at a horribly overcrowded ranch where I was being bred to raise money. my living conditions were awful ! the tiny pen where I lived with my mate was always dirty, we were infested with fleas and ticks and we never had enough food to eat. but still...  because I could make money for them I guess I had it better then most of the other dogs still down there who are suffering with mange and starvation and who's futures are bleak unless we can get more people aware of the suffering and willing to step up to the plate and help. the method of euthanasia they use down there in the local pounds is anal electrocution... can you believe that !  I was recently rescued from that terrible place by a wonderful San Diego based rescue organization called St. Nicholas Hope for Animals who saw our suffering and are now trying to help us by teaching them better ways of caring for us. here are the links to this rescue so that you can read more about them and all of the work that they are trying to do in order to help the animals in Mexico have a more humane life. I hope that you can open your hearts and give these wonderful people a hand with their goals.

I'm safe and comfortable now living up here in the High Desert at the A.V. Dalmatian Rescue along with my 8 beautiful pups that were born on 6-11-04.  there were 12 of them but 4 had died before they could get us out of there. I was trying to do my best to protect them, but I had no blankets or anyway to keep them warm and off of the dirt so the elements got the best of them. please say a prayer for them. my other kids are doing well, they had their first bath to rid them of the ticks and fleas that were eating them alive so that's a load off my mind. then they had their first taste of yoghurt yesterday and have now acquired a taste for it. they all rush to my bowl at feeding time to gobble up as much of it as they can. I don't mind as it feels good to see my babies happy.  my mate will be joining us here in the States later this week. they didn't have room for him on this last trip but promised to bring him up here to me ASAP.  my babies will be avail for adoption sometime during the middle of August. and please check back here weekly as we'll be posting new updates and pictures of my gorgeous family as they grow up.
and please remember, there are thousands of other sweet and friendly dogs just like me down in Mexico who are in dire need of a safe and secure place to grow up, so think about contacting the St. Nicholas Hope for Animals rescue and do what you can to help. they desperately need foster homes. the only other options those poor dogs face is starvation on the streets or being painfully electrocuted in the local pounds.
thank you for taking the time to read my story and as I said.. check back often as I really would love to show off my family !

June 27, 2004
6- 28- 04
Lindy, one of the baby girls passed away today.
may she rest in peace.

my mate Niko has finally arrived here from Tijuana !! our little family is now reunited and back together.  isn't he just the most handsome guy you've ever seen.. as you can tell in the picture, I just adore him ! he's very petite,just like me so I'm sure that our kids will be very cute and small as well.  he went to our new vet for a checkup and they said that he's very healthy and that he's a lucky guy .. we think that we're the lucky ones for having him here though.  he has blended in with our new situation very well, he loves all of the other dogs here at the ranch and even likes the cats ! our new " Mom " thinks that we're the best pooches she's ever met...  but I think she tells us all that < grin >

here are our kids at 5 weeks old...
check back soon as I'll have their individual pictures up.