Dalmatians available for adoption
This page was last updated on: June 26, 2014
there are alot of pictures of some very adorable dals on this page that may take some time to load.. so please be patient.. it'll be worth the wait !  you may just see your new best friend here !!
        Molly , Jenni,  Manchas & Stella
    you'll be forever missed sweet pups             

my name is Sparky and I'm a very petite ( 27 pounds ) little 2 yr old girl. I'm very mellow and love nothing more then to curl up on the sofa and kick back with my family. I'm housebroken and very affectionate. I get along great with other dogs and even cats ! I was abused by my last owners so I'm a little timid when we first meet but once I discover that you won't hurt me I warm up quickly. please... won't you adopt me and show me that not everyone is mean..

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my name is Jake and I'm an adorable 3 month old boy. I love to cuddle and will make a great addition to your family.
my name is Duchess and I'm a sweet and pretty 8 yr old girl. I get along great with other dogs and would love to join your family. please.. won't you adopt me ?
check back soon for more recent dogs !